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    Sure Grip Controls' 10445 Wig-Wag Electronic Throttle is engineered with a cutting-edge switching sensor, offering an independent switch mechanism for both forward and reverse directions.

    Given its wide-ranging working voltage capabilities, this throttle is ideally suited for tasks demanding accurate directional adjustments, such as in industrial machinery, transport equipment, and specific electric-driven tools, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


    • Sensor Type: Switching
    • Output Type: Independent switch for each direction
    • Other Notes: Forward and Reverse switch
    • Working Voltage: 10.00 A 1/3 HP 125 VAC • 1.00 A 1/3 HP 250 VAC • 0.50 A 125 VDC • 0.25 A 250 VDC • 4.00 A 125 VAC “L”

    For additional features, and product dimensional data, see technical guide.

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