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    The DBL-17 Logic Driver Board can read up to 10 inputs and can control up to 17 high current outputs to allow complex control of a machine's functions from a simple, easy to use control handle. The DBL-17 is factory programmed to the customer's specifications and is designed for easy installation and reliable operation in mobile equipment. The DBL-17 can be used to replace relays, timers, diode logic circuits and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in many applications.


    • Solid state, high current outputs that can be paralleled.
    • Outputs protected against over-current, over temperature, and inductive load switching transients.
    • Status on-board LED shows power and input state.
    • Compact enclosure with mounting lugs.
    • Factory configurable to match custom

    For additional features, and product dimensional data, see technical guide.

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