Sure Grip Controls provides customized joystick solutions for various market requirements with a wide range of single axis and multi axis joystick controls. The joysticks can be tailored to meet specific needs with a variety of handle options and miniature thumb controls.

Elevate Series (Scissor lifts & MEWP equipment)

The Elevate Series is an analog, single-axis joystick that is an ideal control solution for scissor lifts, MEWP controls and other single-axis applications.
Our unique design provides excellent resolution, durability and the high quality you expect from Sure Grip Controls. With contactless Hall sensor technology, the Elevate Series sets the standard in reliable single-axis controls.

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Harvest Series (Agricultural Vehicles)

Sure Grip’s Harvest Series sets the standard for rugged, weather-resistant joysticks. Developed to be a long-lasting solution for electronic control and built to withstand the seasonal demands faced by agricultural harvesting machines, the Harvest Series joystick’s robust design and durable construction is ready to tackle the toughest environments to help you get the job done.

Made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, the Harvest Series joystick is built to last, providing reliable performance for years to come. Sealed to IP67 to handle everything from extreme heat to extreme cold temperatures and wet conditions, it is also field serviceable to maximize uptime.

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Precision Series (Telehandler Joysticks)

Sure Grip’s Precision Series joysticks set the standard for electronic controls in the telehandler vehicle market, delivering smooth, precise equipment control.

Precision Series joysticks feature the right combination of buttons, sliders and rockers suitable for a wide range of telehandler designs. The Precision Series features high resolution joysticks and faceplate controls for precise placement

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Demand Series (Refuse Collection Vehicle Joystick)

Sure Grip’s Demand Series sets the standard for rugged, multi-functional joysticks for the municipal vehicle market. Developed specifically for refuse collection vehicles (RCVs), the Demand Series is built to withstand operation in the harshest conditions.

Demand Series joysticks feature an ergonomic operator control solution that provides reliability and efficiency to today’s RCV systems.

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Endurance Series Joystick

The Endurance Series is a revolutionary ergonomic joystick optimized to reduce user fatigue and repetitive strain injuries without sacrificing the durability needed to last in extreme environments. Right and left specific handles comfortably fit a wide range of hand sizes in gloved and ungloved applications while the modern look will bring your cab into the future.

The Endurance Series Joystick features a configurable, dual-angle faceplate that allows you to design the best control system for your application. Our new high-visibility LED buttons can be adjusted for to up to 256 levels of brightness, configured to over 16 million color combinations and programmed for different light sequences for maximum visibility and improved operator perception in all lighting conditions. The faceplate and button graphics are customizable to meet your operation requirements. Modular, serviceable components make the Endurance Series joystick easy to configure for use in a wide range of equipment types.

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