We carry in-handle and in-line electronics to enable smooth communication between control systems and machine functions. Our driver boards provide input and output control for popular equipment brands including Caterpillar® and Danfoss®. They can easily be configured to work with most outputs including J1939 or CANopen.

Single Axis Driver Board

Single Axis Driver Board (SDB-P1)

The Single Axis Driver Board is designed to proportionally drive two solenoids using proportional control devices such as Joysticks, Slider Modules. The SDB-P1 driver board can be configured to accept a single proportional input in the range of 0.5 - 2.5 - 4.5VDC, such as one axis output from a Joystick or the output of a proportional Slider Module.

It can also be configured to be controlled by two separate proportional inputs in the range of 0.8 - 4.2VDC.

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Danfoss Adapter Driver Board

The DFA2 is the next generation driver board that expands upon the original DFA design with the addition of a Caterpillar ECM compatible version (DFA2-C1, DFA2-C2). The DFA2-01/02 provides direct from handle to valve proportional control™ for the operation of industry-standard ratiometric proportional valves.

You can use Sure Grip Controls' non-contact proportional modules or JL/JM Series joysticks to directly control proportional valves such as the Sauer Danfoss™ PVG 120 and PVG 32 series proportional valves.

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Diode and Diverter Board

Inline Diode Pack

The Sure Grip Inline Diode Pack fits all handles or wiring harnesses to protect switches against destructive voltage surges. The In-Line Diode Pack provides efficient surge suppression protection for your control handle to ensure maximum switch life. Simple solder connections ensure trouble-free life and allow the Diode Pack to be installed anywhere on the wiring harness.

A tough two piece molded case protects the diode board and makes installation quick and easy. Diode Boards are furnished with diodes to protect up to 12 switches.

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Logic Driver Board

DBL-17 Logic Driver Boards

The DBL-17 Logic Driver Board can read up to 10 inputs and can control up to 17 high current outputs to allow complex control of a machine's functions from a simple, easy to use control handle. The DBL-17 is factory programmed to the customer's specifications and is designed for easy installation and reliable operation in mobile equipment. The DBL-17 can be used to replace relays, timers, diode logic circuits and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in many applications.

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