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    The Sure Grip Inline Diode Pack fits all handles or wiring harnesses to protect switches against destructive voltage surges. The In-Line Diode Pack provides efficient surge suppression protection for your control handle to ensure maximum switch life. Simple solder connections ensure trouble-free life and allow the Diode Pack to be installed anywhere on the wiring harness.

    A tough two piece molded case protects the diode board and makes installation quick and easy. Diode Boards are furnished with diodes to protect up to 12 switches.


    • Reliable connectors designed to withstand automotive shock/vibration levels and temperature variations.
    • Can provide diode protection for up to 12 switches and diverter functionality for up to 6 outputs.
    • Easy to install inline on a wiring harness using the IDC (insulation displacement) connectors

    For additional features, and product dimensional data, see technical guide.

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