10712 – Display Controller

Sure Grip Controls 10712 Display Controller, a versatile tool designed for precision and adaptability.

Whether interfacing with an alternator or an AC coil pack, this controller ensures consistent performance across a broad RPM spectrum. Powered to cater to a wide voltage range, its potent valve output capability makes it ideal for controlling valves feeding into a woodchipper. With its custom electronic display device, it not only ensures accurate monitoring but also provides an intuitive user experience. This controller is a must-have for professionals in the woodchipping industry seeking seamless operation and real-time insights.

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10718 – Tachometer / Hour Meter

Sure Grip Controls 10718 Display Controller, a pinnacle of innovation tailored specifically for the tree care industry.

Designed with precision, this controller is perfect for auto-feed control on brush chippers, stump grinders, and related equipment. Its compatibility with J1939 or AC coil packs ensures a broad RPM spectrum, coupled with a versatile power input range and a robust valve output capability. The on-board diagnostics combined with its rugged design make it a user-centric device that stands out for its reliability and efficiency. For professionals seeking optimal control and real-time monitoring, this controller is the ultimate tool to enhance their operations.

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10717 – Tachometer / Hour Meter

Sure Grip Controls 10717 Display Controller, a paradigm of precision and compatibility.

Designed to achieve impeccable RPM accuracy, this controller utilizes a Magpickup input type and operates within a versatile power input range. It seamlessly handles a wide frequency input spectrum and stands firm in its commitment to quality by meeting multiple standards, including SAE J1455 and MIL-STD-202. Whether you're in automotive, industrial, or other specialized sectors, its resilience against external factors ensures optimal performance. Choose the 10717 for accurate, reliable, and standardized control in your demanding applications.

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10716 – Tachometer / Hour Meter

Sure Grip Controls 10716 Display Controller, engineered for those who prioritize accuracy and reliability.

Tailored to seamlessly interface with alternators, this controller promises unparalleled RPM precision. Operating within a comprehensive power input range and supporting a broad frequency input spectrum, it has been meticulously crafted to meet top-tier standards such as SAE J1455 and MIL-STD-202. Whether you're in the automotive, aerospace, or industrial sectors, the 10716 ensures you stay ahead with its cutting-edge technology and steadfast performance, making it an indispensable asset for your high-precision needs.

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10708 – Display Controller

Sure Grip Controls 10708 Display Controller, the epitome of innovation tailored for tree care professionals.

This controller is meticulously designed for impeccable auto-feed control on brush chippers, stump grinders, and related tree care equipment. With its on-board diagnostics, it effortlessly blends user-friendliness with ruggedness, ensuring a reliable performance each time. Whether you're leveraging its compatibility with J1939 or Magpickup types, it provides steadfast power input and maximized valve output, promising efficiency and durability. Opt for the 10708 for a seamless, dependable experience in your tree care endeavors.

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