Wig Wag, 10479

Sure Grip Controls' Wig-Wag Electronic Throttle, 10479 is meticulously designed with a resistive sensor, ensuring precise throttle control throughout its generous angle of travel.

Its robust single analog output type, combined with outstanding linearity, delivers unparalleled accuracy. With an IP66 protection rating, it stands resilient against harsh environmental elements, making it ideal for a long lifespan in diverse settings. Whether deployed in automotive or industrial domains, this throttle promises consistent performance even in extreme temperature conditions.

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Suspended, 10626

Sure Grip Controls' Suspended Electronic Throttle, 10626, crafted with state-of-the-art resistive sensor technology that guarantees precision with a linearity of 1%.

Operating seamlessly between extreme temperatures of -40°C to 85°C, it boasts a dual analog or switching output, ensuring versatility for various applications. The device's robust build offers IP66 protection and promises longevity with a life cycle of over 3 million uses. Meeting standards such as FMVSS124 and Cummins AEB 15.59, this throttle's mechanical linkage further enhances its functionality. Ideal for automotive, industrial, and marine applications where reliable throttle control is paramount.

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Suspended, 10453

Sure Grip Controls' Suspended Electronic Throttle, 10453, incorporating an advanced resistive sensor system with impeccable linearity.

Crafted for precision, this throttle effortlessly operates over a wide temperature range and is safeguarded with IP64 protection, ensuring durability and resilience. Enhanced with a dual analog output, it meets high industry standards such as FMVSS124. Additionally, the kickdown option offers added flexibility, making this throttle a prime choice for automotive and transportation sectors where accurate throttle response and adaptability are essential.

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Suspended, 10451

Sure Grip Controls' Suspended Electronic Throttle, 10451, built with a high-grade resistive sensor system, ensuring unparalleled linearity.

Engineered for durability, it operates efficiently across extreme temperature variations and is fortified with an IP66 protection rating. With its dual analog or switching output capabilities and adherence to industry-leading standards like FMVSS124 and Cummins AEB 15.59, this throttle is an epitome of reliability and precision. Perfectly suited for automotive, industrial, and marine environments where dependable throttle control and performance are of paramount importance.

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Suspended, Heavy Duty, 10458

Sure Grip Controls' Suspended, Heavy Duty Electronic Throttle, 10458, designed with a combination of non-contact Hall and resistive sensor technologies, offering both longevity and precision.

This versatile throttle provides a myriad of output options, including dual analog, single analog, PWM, and switching. Protected against harsh environmental elements with superior IP66 and IP67 ratings, it confidently operates within a wide temperature spectrum. Meeting the stringent standards of FMVSS124 and Cummins AEB series, this throttle stands as a testament to reliability and performance. Ideally crafted for heavy-duty automotive, industrial, and marine applications demanding endurance and accuracy.

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Floor, Short Throw, 10463

Sure Grip Controls' Floor, Short Throw Electronic Throttle, 10463, equipped with state-of-the-art Hall sensor technology, ensuring consistent performance with impeccable linearity.

This throttle, with its floor-mount design, offers a diverse range of output options from dual to single analog and PWM. Its superior IP67 protection and adherence to industry-leading standards like FMVSS124 and Cummins AEB 15.67 signify unmatched reliability and durability. Furthermore, for those seeking varied sensing capabilities, a resistive option is readily available. This product is perfect for automotive and industrial vehicles demanding precision throttle control right underfoot.

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Floor, 10459

Sure Grip Controls' Floor Electronic Throttle, 10459, a fusion of non-contact Hall and resistive sensor technologies, promising unparalleled precision with dependable linearity.

This innovative throttle offers a range of resting angles, ensuring customization to cater to unique requirements. With an array of output choices including dual and single analog, PWM, and switching, it's designed for versatility. Boasting robust protection with IP66 and IP67 ratings, and conforming to standards like FMVSS124 and the Cummins AEB series, it exemplifies reliability. Perfectly tailored for high-end automotive, industrial, and marine environments, this throttle ensures precision control at your feet.

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Floor, 10494

Sure Grip Controls' Floor Electronic Throttle, 10494, a masterpiece integrating superior Hall sensor technology for unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

With its specific resting angle and a versatile array of output options, from dual to single analog and PWM, this throttle caters to diverse needs. Reinforced by IP66 and IP67 protection ratings, it thrives in challenging conditions and operates seamlessly across a broad temperature spectrum. Meeting esteemed standards like FMVSS124 and Cummins AEB 15.67, it exemplifies both reliability and performance. This throttle stands as a top-tier choice for the forklift and construction industries.

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