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    Sure Grip’s Elevate Series Joystick sets the standard for electronic controls for scissor lifts, MEWP equipment and other single-axis applications. This innovative, patent-pending joystick provides great feel, excellent sealing and mounting compatibility with virtually all other single axis joysticks.

    With fade-free performance enabled by contactless Hall sensor technology, the Elevate Series provides excellent resolution of ±30° travel. This extremely intuitive joystick reduces the need for extensive training and can be used by operators of all skill levels.

    Built to last, the fully sealed and impact-resistant Elevate Series joystick is certified to IP69K and 100 V/m EMC immunity. Rated for -40°C (-40°F) to 85°C (185°F) operation, it is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions for up to 5 million cycles (20 million operations), making the Elevate Series Joystick a top-of-the-line choice for harsh and challenging environments.


    • Single-axis design
    • Fade-free performance
    • IP69K sealing
    • Multiple mounting configurations
    • Available for both 5V and 12-24V input voltages
    • Dependable operation,
    • Robust 100 V/m EMC immunity
    • Built-in, sealed toggle switch

    For additional features, and product dimensional data, see technical guide.

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