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    The Endurance Series is a revolutionary ergonomic joystick optimized to reduce user fatigue and repetitive strain injuries without sacrificing the durability needed to last in extreme environments. Right and left specific handles comfortably fit a wide range of hand sizes in gloved and ungloved applications while the modern look will bring your cab into the future.

    The Endurance Series Joystick features a configurable, dual-angle faceplate that allows you to design the best control system for your application. Our new high-visibility LED buttons can be adjusted for to up to 256 levels of brightness, configured to over 16 million color combinations and programmed for different light sequences for maximum visibility and improved operator perception in all lighting conditions. The faceplate and button graphics are customizable to meet your operation requirements. Modular, serviceable components make the Endurance Series joystick easy to configure for use in a wide range of equipment types.


    • Ergonomic right and left hand grips designed to comfortably fit a wide range of hand sizes with and without gloves
    • Ultra-bright, dimmable, customizable LED buttons
    • Customizable faceplate and button graphics and colors
    • Modular and serviceable components
    • Capacitive operator presence sensing with and without gloves – no switches or paddles
    • Outputs: SAE J1939

    For additional features, and product dimensional data, see technical guide.


    • Long-life - rated for up to 5 million cycles (20 million operations)
    • IP69K sealing above panel
    • Fully EMC tested with performance to 125V/m
    • Temperature rated for -40°C (-40°F) to 85°C (185°F)

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