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    Sure Grip Controls' 10458 Suspended Heavy Duty Electronic Throttle, designed with a combination of non-contact Hall and resistive sensor technologies, offering both longevity and precision.

    This versatile throttle provides a myriad of output options, including dual analog, single analog, PWM, and switching. Protected against harsh environmental elements with superior IP66 and IP67 ratings, it confidently operates within a wide temperature spectrum. Meeting the stringent standards of FMVSS124 and Cummins AEB series, this throttle stands as a testament to reliability and performance. Ideally crafted for heavy-duty automotive, industrial, and marine applications demanding endurance and accuracy.


    • Travel: 20°
    • Sensor Type: Non-Contact Hall & Resistive
    • Resistance: 2.74 K Ω, 5.225 KΩ, others on request
    • Working Voltage: 5V
    • Linearity: 2%
    • Current: 10mA
    • Output Type: Dual analog ,Single analog, PWM, switching
    • Protection: IP66, IP67
    • Life Cycle: 10,000,000 (Hall) , 3,000,000 (Resistive)
    • Operating Temp: -40°c to 85°C
    • Standards Met: FMVSS124, Cummins AEB 15.67, Cummins AEB 15.59

    For additional features, and product dimensional data, see technical guide.

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